Philanet is the brain child of a Philadelphia native. While the creator of Philanet.ch was born in the city of brotherly love, he has since relocation to the United Kingdom. Despite the distance, his interest in Philadelphia’s culture never lessened.

Over time, a passion for gambling also emerged. The gambling regulations within the United States have always had an interesting ebb and flow. With the emergence of online gambling, this ebb and flow has become more tumultuous and confusing. Philanet strives to look into the changing landscape of American law and its effects on the gambling industry. In addition to taking a wide look at America on the whole, Philanet takes a particular interest in Philadelphia.

Philanet hopes to be a useful resource for those seeking relevant information on the development of American gambling and Philadelphia gambling. If you have any comments about the philanet site you can get in contact with us here.