Privacy Policy

With the constant barrage of virus threats, fake news, and stolen identities, it’s understandable to be apprehensive when browsing the internet. Here at Philanet we want you to understand exactly what happens to your information when you visit our website. Below we’ve outlined the privacy policy for your benefit.

The only personal information gathered by Philanet is information visitors willingly submit via forms. If at any point you fill out a form while on, that information will be collected. Other information collected is non-personal. This includes page views, amount of visits to website, amount of time on website, and external links clicked. This information is used to ensure our website it tailored to the needs of its users.

All content you see on is property of This includes all articles, video, and photos. Use of any of our content without permission could result in taking legal action. reserves the right to prohibit any visitors without prior indication or explanation.

For further details please contact us via our contact page.